About the Furniss Utebox

While a tradies’ tools are certainly their livelihood, the process of getting them from A to B can sometimes be a heavy load. Gone are the days of simply throwing a few tools into the back of the ute and getting the job done. Factors like excess tools and materials, limited storage space, security issues, power and lighting requirements and protection from the elements all come into play.
The Furniss Utebox thankfully boasts a solution to all of the above and more!

Regarded as Australia’s premier utility vehicle storage system, the Furniss Utebox features three quality constructed and custom fitted under-body storage compartments to ensure no loss of tray capacity and is secure and protected from the elements.

Lighting and power enabled the Furniss Utebox is also wired into the vehicle’s central locking security system, ensuring the Utebox is alarmed and can be opened or locked with the click of a button.

Designed to fit most standard Australian utility trays the Furniss Utebox is custom fitted and available to customers Australia-wide.

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Weather resistant - designed for Australian conditions

Internal shelves and lockable drawers included

Heavy duty aluminium construction

No loss of tray space

Fully welded seams - extra strong

Central locking and alarm wired for extra security

Lighting and power enabled